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Mataji Simone Green world yoga sacred music festival 2016

Mataji Simone

Inner Yoga

Inner Yoga, conceived by Guruji Sri Vast, is a technique that reveals the natural state of being - a key to enter into the unknown.

Inner Yoga is designed to bring a greater understanding of how we can naturally participate in every moment in this planetary life, allowing the individual to learn from nature. Inner Yoga classes consist of many ‘asanas of nature’ and breathing exercises, liberating body, mind and senses from inherent imprints. Inner Yoga brings you in contact with your innate nature, the true Original Being, where yoga becomes a way of life.

Mataji Simone from Switzerland is a direct disciple of Guruji Sri Vast. Mataji Simone is a known international teacher and has been in the yoga field for 2 decades. During the past 15 years she expanded her knowledge for yoga with the deeper understanding of Inner Yoga, blessed by the unique opportunity to learn and be guided by the enlightened Master Guruji Sri Vast. Mataji Simone practices and teaches the life-transforming Inner Yoga techniques and healing processes at the International Ashrams in Sweden and India, as well as world-wide.

Mataji Simone devotes her life towards the consciousness shift through spreading the Masters wisdom around the world, teaching Inner Yoga, meditation, healing, the science of elements, planets and chakras and the Mastering Life Program.